The Structural Engineering Sector can design a wide range of structures constructed using a variety of materials. The use of sophisticated software means that the Group can simulate the structural behaviourof any building under all load conditions.

Tall building analysis and design is something the Group specializes in: MASERA ENGINEERING GROUP engineers develop software “ad hoc” to study tall building behaviour under critical load conditions.

Moreover, MASERA ENGINEERING GROUP is highly specialized in the preservation of historic buildings and monuments and we work closely with our partners on the academic staff of the Structural Mechanics Department of the Polytechnic-University of Turin. Wind engineering and aerodynamic analysis represent another Group speciality – wind studies of a structure make it possible to choose the best structural shape.

MASERA ENGINEERING GROUP make use of a range of structural monitoring instruments including ultrasound and acoustic emission devices, displacement and potentiometric transducers, waveform generators, data acquisition units and oscilloscopes.

The Structural Engineering Sector can provide the following services:

  • reinforced concrete structures;
  • prestressed concrete structures;
  • steel structures;
  • masonry structures;
  • wood structures;
  • historic buildings and monuments;
  • seismic adaptation of existing buldings;
  • tall buildings;
  • wind engineering and aerodinamics analysis;
  • structural monitoring;
  • site supervision