The area of specialization of the Geotechnical Engineering Sector is in the interaction between soil and structure and in particular shallow foundations (spread and strip footing, slabs) and deep foundations (piles, micropiles, tripod piles, sheet piles, etc). Geotechnical engineering also analyses retaining structures such as retaining walls, slurry walls and watertight barrier walls.

The MASERA ENGINEERING GROUP is highly specialized in slope stability analysis and rock mechanics: a number of projects have involved land preservation in order to stabilize roads, infrastructure and residential areas.

Many years’ experience in the field of hydraulic engineering comes to the fore in the Group’s design of check-dams, dikes, weirs and streambank protection.

Services offered by the geotechnical and hydraulic engineering sector include:

  • ordinary foundations
  • special foundations;
  • tunnel;
  • slope stability and rock mechanics
  • in situ monitoring;
  • land preservation;
  • dams;
  • hydraulics protection;
  • site supervision