The number of tall buildings being built around the world is on the increase as is the interest they generate among people. If at one time this was an American prerogative, now they are a concrete fact the world over. When these buildings first appeared, so-called “vertical growth” was closely connected to reasons of business and image; these days this idea seems to have been totally abandoned due to the enormous need for new spaces and expansion in increasingly congested urban areas.

Structural design is still one of the key elements in the overall analysis of a tall building – problems concerning the distribution of vertical forces, the evaluation of displacement, the increasingly complex matter of the foundations due to the enormous pressures exerted on the ground, the aerodynamic choices adopted are just some of the aspects that need extremely careful evaluation and highly specialized analysis in order to realize a structural project which is both reliable and economically feasible.

The second key element in tall building design is construction methodology: a structural design with no reference to the construction phases will prove to be sterile and cause enormous problems during the construction phase itself; on the other hand, actually planning the construction phases, methods and site equipment to be used into the structural design makes it totally consistent with the concept as translated into engineering calculations.

The TALL BUILDINGS RESEARCH CENTRE can offer the very best of technical and scientific expertise and provides advice on innovative construction technologies by carrying out applied research on each individual case study.

The TALL BUILDINGS RESEARCH CENTRE has been set up as a specialized research department within the well-known Turin-based engineering group, MASERA ENGINEERING. This is something of a novelty as never before in Italy has an engineering company created an in-house research centre and one with such a range of expertise in tall buildings.

Research and design take place within the MASERA ENGINEERING GROUP using cutting-edge technologies and partners with internationally recognized professional experience.

The expertise of the TALL BUILDINGS RESEARCH CENTRE consists in dealing with highly specialized aspects where only an applied research approach can suffice. The research department can then provide the engineering sector with an innovative and highly effective product capable of handling any issues or problems related to the building in question.